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  • Gamespot News Feed: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review – Wow, Cool Robot!

    Despite what the box and blurbs might tell you, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim isn't really a game about piloting giant robots. I mean, sure, you do fight off massive swarms of building-sized creatures hellbent on total destruction in an alternate-universe 1980s Japan at some points. But these seemingly model-kit-ready metal combat suits are just a plot device, a cog in the story. In actuality, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is a character drama: a twisting, turning sci-fi epic jumping through time and dimensions as it follows the lives of its numerous teen protagonists. Missiles, Gatling guns, and armor-crushing metal fistcuffs are merely a side event to the everyday drama of highschoolers who find themselves unwilling pawns in a bigger game with the fate of the world at stake. And you know what? That's great. Once the narrative of 13 Sentinels sinks its hooks into you, you want nothing more than to go along for the ride up until the very climax.

    13 Sentinels is a unique, genre-mixing experiment. It takes elements of point-and-click adventure games, visual novels, real-time strategy games, and tower defense games, mixing them together to create an experience that's quite unlike anything else out there. Things get rolling when young Japanese highschooler Juro Kurabe is called upon to fight a horde of alien invaders in 1985, only for the story to flash back to earlier that year, then over to young soldiers in 1945 wartime-era Japan, then to two schoolgirls witnessing a crisis in the year 2025. You immediately meet a huge cast of characters across different eras, learning that there is one constant: the existence of Sentinels, massive human-piloted robot weapons who exist to protect the world from otherworldly monsters.

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    The game is split into three parts: a Remembrance mode where you uncover the story piece by piece, a Destruction mode where you use giant Sentinel mechs to protect the city from invasion, and an Analysis mode that collects all of the information and story scenes you have discovered through gameplay. Remembrance is presented as an episodic series where you explore and interact with various environments and characters to advance the plot. Destruction, in contrast, is an overhead-view strategy segment where you use the Sentinels to defend a critical underground access point from invading forces.

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  • Game Informer News Feed: Cyberpunk 2077 PC Requirements Are Shockingly Low

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    Publisher: CD Projekt
    Developer: CD Projekt Red
    Release: (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), TBA (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S)
    Rating: Mature
    Platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Everything we've seen so far of Cyberpunk 2077 has been nothing short of stunning but those breathtaking graphics have had many PC players worried that their rigs might not be able to take the heat. Luckily, the entry point for PC gamers is much lower than originally anticipated as CD Projekt RED confirms the Cyberpunk 2077 PC requirements, both minimum and recommended. 

    During the studio's most recent Night City Wire showcase, they confirmed the specs that PC players can look forward to: 

    The minimum system requirement set with the NVIDIA GTX 790 or the Radeon RX 470 is a surprise, but not an unwelcome one. Obviously players will want to shoot for the recommended settings if possible if they want to experience the highest quality of Cyberpunk, but knowing that the minimum specs are a little more in reach means good things for fans ready to jump in.

    With a game this massive, seeing the storage space required is also not surprising. CDPR has mentioned previously that this is a living, breathing city. Night City and its surrounding areas are massive and with completely interactive environments. A game of that scale will always require some hefty storage requirements. 

    We'll be able to see exactly how this game performs when Cyberpunk 2077 launches on November 19, 2020 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

  • Game Informer News Feed: Golden Frieza Is Coming To Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

    Publisher: Bandai Namco
    Developer: CyberConnect2
    Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has new DLC coming out here soon and with it comes Golden Frieza. Golden Frieza is this character's most powerful form and we've got a sneak peek at this OP evolution thanks to the latest issue of V-Jump. 

    A scan of the most recent of V-Jump magazine not only shows off Golden Frieza, but also the return of Ginyu Force and the Super Saiyan Blue forms for Vegeta and Goku. 

    DBZ: KAKAROT - Proper & Full V Jump Scans!

    — Dragon Ball Hype. (@DbsHype) September 17, 2020

    Golden Frieza, according to the scans above, comes with the second part of the game's first DLC: New Power Awakens. The first part made its debut back in April of this year and focused heavily on the Dragon Ball film Battle of Gods. The second part of the DLC will touch on Dragon Ball Z: Ressurrection F, which explains Golden Frieza's appearance in Kakarot. 

    DBZ: Kakarot V Jump Leaks. SSB Vegeta and Goku, new skills!
    (Thanks to: @DB_KR0914)

    — Dragon Ball Hype. (@DbsHype) August 19, 2020

    The same account that shared the first screen also showed off another image of the latest issue, this time showing off the previously confirmed Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Goku forms. 

    We don't have a release date for when the second part of the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC arrives, but we do know that is slated for sometime later this year. 

  • Game Informer News Feed: Nintendo Is Adding Three New Monster Hunter Amiibo

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    Publisher: Capcom
    Developer: Capcom
    Platform: Switch

    Monster Hunter had an awesome news week with both Monster Hunter: Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 being revealed. Nintendo is making that news even sweeter with the reveal of three new Amiibo coming at the beginning of next year, including an adorable little Palico! 

    Nintendo revealed the three new Amiibo figures that are going to be coming out March 26, 2021. The three latest additions include a Palamute figure, a Magnamalo, and a smiling Palico: 

    Each figure will unlock a special armor set in Monster Hunter: Rise. No word on if these will also impact Monster Hunter Stories 2 at this time, but even if it's just for Rise, that Palico one is too cute to pass up! 

    Amiibo first crashed onto the scene back in 2014 and there was a whirlwind period where they were so hard to get, so exclusive, that it was a madhouse just to try to land that coveted figure. Since that period, however, Nintendo has been much more on top of supply and demand, making collecting these little cuties back on hobby level and not frustrated obsession. 

    The Monster Hunter Amiibo line debuts March 26, 2021. Are you planning on scooping one up? All three? Sound off in the comment section below! 

  • Gamespot News Feed: Hades Review – To Hell And Back, Again And Again

    The first time I beat the final boss in Hades, I felt an enormous sense of relief. I'd been fighting to see this ending for hours (months, technically, if you count my time in early access), and in roguelikes, it feels better than usual to see an ending. But while I was definitely a little too proud of putting together a set of abilities and perks that shredded the boss after they wrecked me just a few tries ago, that wasn't why I felt tears welling up. I'd gotten so caught up in the story of my character, Zagreus, and the heroes, villains, and gods that had helped him here that I was elated to have finally gotten him to the end of his journey. What sets Hades apart isn't just that it's a great roguelike with the kind of repeatable depth that makes it engrossing to play for hours, but also how it uses its structure to tell an ongoing story about family, secrets, and resolution.

    That Hades' narrative is so entwined with its combat is nothing new for the developers at Supergiant Games, who've established themselves as masters of putting your actions in sync with the stories they tell. In a roguelike such as Hades, it means playing as Zagreus, a god of rebirth. Tired of living under his father Hades' thumb and seeking answers about where he comes from, he sets out to escape to the world of the living, battling various undead monsters, living creatures, and mythological figures on his way out.

    Hades captured on Nintendo Switch
    Hades captured on Nintendo Switch

    Your godliness justifies the endless runs through the depths of the underworld, since dying and coming back to life is par for the course in Greek myth. One of the best parts of Hades, in fact, is returning to the House of Hades time and again after you die. It's not just a pit stop on the way to the next run--it's the centerpiece Hades hinges on. There, figures such as Achilles, Hypnos, and Nyx console you after your deaths, praise you for making progress, and confide in you about one another. You chat with them, undertake side quests, and exchange gifts to deepen your relationships. Eventually, they become vital allies on your quest, even if they're not in the thick of combat with you.

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  • Gamespot News Feed: Spelunky 2 Review – Shoot For The Moon

    In Spelunky 2, the turkey's fate is in your hands.

    You could hop on the bird's back, making use of its double jump and Yoshi-like glide to flap your way through your run. For a solid payout, you could return it and the other birds scattered throughout a stage to the turkey farmer who oversees their pen. You could whip it unconscious, throw a bomb next to its body, and eat the resulting Thanksgiving platter for one heart--or you could do that last one in the farmer's line of sight, prompting him to take up arms against you, "you monster."

    This is the mode that Spelunky 2 constantly operates in. There are always risk-reward choices to make, and death is nearly instantaneous if you choose poorly. Like its acclaimed predecessor, Spelunky 2 is the rare platformer that demands to be played as much like a tactics game as it does like a Mario game. As you learn (or relearn) how to survive, success requires a willingness to think three moves ahead. Some tiles are booby-trapped to shoot arrows as you leap through their line of sight. Some vases summon a relentless ghost when smashed. Some pottery hides snakes and tarantulas. Some spiders hang from the cavern ceilings, hoping you pass by unaware. You really shouldn't even move from your initial spawn point without pausing for a moment to pore over every treacherous inch of the screen. That is, unless you spawn near a bat, which will swoop down at you--hope you're quick with your whip.

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  • Game Informer News Feed: Xbox Series X And S Pre-Orders Begin At 11 AM ET On September 22

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    Developer: Microsoft

    Sony's pre-order rollout for the PlayStation 5 was a little confusing, to put it lightly, but it looks like pre-ordering the Xbox Series S/X will be a lot easier. In the name of transparency, Microsoft detailed exactly when gamers can pre-order next gen Xbox systems. Here's what you need to know in order to pre-order an Xbox Series X and Series S. 

    When can you pre-order an Xbox Series console? 

    Pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Series S kicks off on September 22 at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT. For those interested in nabbing a system day one, the new consoles will be available at all major retailers including GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, and more. 

    The Xbox Series X will retail at $499 with the Series S coming in at $299. Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 are already up, though they went live a day early on September 16, which caused a fluster of confusion and frustration for many that were looking to get their pre-order in the moment that option became available. 

    Both systems look incredible and with services and hardware alike making next gen look incredibly appealing, it's easy to see why hype is so high. 

    Which system appeals to you more as your first purchase for next gen, or are you putting down the cash for both at the same time? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

    Disclaimer: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer

  • Game Informer News Feed: PlayStation Plus Collection: What Is It And Is It Like Xbox Game Pass?

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    Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment

    Sony recently revealed the PlayStation Plus Collection, an excellent service that brings essential PS4 experiences to the PlayStation 5. While there are many similarities to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, there are a few differences to note. While both services offer something different, both are huge wins for gamers, especially going into next gen. 

    The Xbox Game Pass, something that Sony previously competed with thanks to its PlayStation Now service, has been seen as a massive success for Microsoft. While that service has been seen as a little more dated, the newly revealed PlayStation Plus Collection offers something very similar to that of the Game Pass, but don't expect it to be a carbon copy. 

    Key differences between Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus Collection

    So what are the key differences between the two services? One feature that fans love about the Xbox Game Pass is that the service not only includes previously released games, but also day one additions to the library for first-party exclusives. While Microsoft does not have as many first-party exclusives as Sony does at the moment, the company continues to acquire more studios with the goal of a stronger lineup in the future. 

    The PlayStation Plus Collection will not be offering the same service in terms of day one first-party additions to the Collection library, but that doesn't mean it's not still a good deal. Through the PlayStation Plus Collection, PlayStation 5 players can still enjoy some of the most incredible gaming experiences from the PlayStation 4 era in addition to the backwards compatibility that will include up to 90% percent of the current generation's games. 

    There are a lot of titles, such as God of War, The Last of Us, and Bloodborne, that PS5 gamers can enjoy if they subscribe to the PlayStation Plus Collection service. This is also a great way for Sony to dip its toes further into an expanding network of services, much like Microsoft has been doing for the past two years. 

    Currently, the PlayStation Plus Collection service will offer just under 20 titles at launch. Much like the Xbox Game Pass, more games will be added throughout the course of next gen. 

    Why this is a good move

    Again, like the Xbox Game Pass, this gives players that are jumping right into purchasing the PlayStation 5 a chance to play some of the best games to come out during the PS4's reign. Improved framerates, better loading times, and optimized resolutions all can be seen when taking advantage of the PlayStation Plus Collection. 

    Another reason why this is a good deal, just like the Xbox Game Pass is for Series X/S owners, is that the price of many games will be inflating to be $69.99. As those prices hike, services like this will ensure that gamers will have plenty of options to choose from when looking to sit down for a good gaming session without totally breaking the bank. 

    With many younger gamers also being introduced to console gaming with the PlayStation 5, this service also gives them a chance to experience first-hand some of the incredible adventures many of us have already enjoyed. Taking to Uncharted for the first time as Nathan Drake, slaying foul beasts with a massive machete in Bloodborne, and even seeing what all the hype is about with the revamped God of War franchise; it's an inclusive way to go into a new generation without leaving the previous one in the dust.

    Why no first-party day one launches?

    Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan previously told that while Sony respects what Microsoft is doing, the company isn’t looking to exactly replicate its process. He told the site, Sony is "not going to go down the road of putting new release titles into a subscription model" because in the long run, they do not see that model as "sustainable."

    Given the massive amount of success the Xbox Game Pass has seen with this model, it's entirely possible Sony may change its tune in the future. For now, however, the two mega companies have wildly different strategies for the future of games. That's not a bad thing. In fact, we broke down the two differening marketing strategies right here for those interested in learning more. 

    To learn more about the PlayStation Plus Collection, you can check out our previous coverage here as well as the reveal trailer at the top of the article. 

  • Game Informer News Feed: Behind The Scenes Of Kena: Bridge Of Spirit’s Harmonious Collaboration

    Publisher: Ember Lab
    Developer: Ember Lab
    Release: 2021
    Platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC

    One of the most striking elements of Kena: Bridge of Spirits is its soundtrack, which features the music of traditional Balinese musicians in new compositions. It’s the result of a collaboration between composer Jason Gallaty and the ensemble group Gamelan Çudamani. We talked to Jason, as well as Gamelan Çudamani founding director Dewa Putu Berata and associate director Emiko Saraswati to learn how this musical partnership came to be. 

    Gallaty says that he was listening to Çudamani’s music for inspiration, so he decided to see if they would be interested in working together on Kena’s soundtrack. “I felt like with something that the music comes originally from Bali and Indonesia and all these instruments come from Bali and Indonesia, I wanted to approach it respectfully and asked to work with them.” He sent them an email, and hoped for the best.

    “I’ll be totally honest, I told the guys this, but my first reaction was like, ‘No,’” Saraswati recalls. “No Gamelan in video games. Dewa and I are traditional artists, right, so this gets into more complex problems, but sometimes there’s a sense from traditional artists that things like video games are things that we’re working against all the time.” She says that Gallaty’s email was persuasive, however, so she agreed to talk to him on the phone and hear him out. 

    “I was like, ‘Oh wait, this kind of sounds cool.’ I very, very quickly realized that I had my own prejudice that I was working with, and that I needed to allow this team to explain what they were doing,” Saraswati says. “The themes are so beautiful and so resonant with our culture and our values and philosophy. And you know, it’s exciting to see that.”

    After a fruitful recording session in California, Gallaty and Ember Lab’s chief creative officer Mike Grier went to Bali for a more in-depth series of sessions. The bamboo instruments are too large to easily transport internationally, and that’s where the bulk of the musicians are located, so it made sense to make the trip. “It was my inspiration, but I wanted to make sure that people were aware that this was cultural music at its heart that I was being inspired by, and I wanted that platform to be shared,” Gallaty says. “Things developed from there.” 

    Berata was able to create original compositions based on footage of the game in action or from descriptions of the moments or feelings that Gallaty wanted conveyed musically. After his musicians created new songs, Gallaty would then take those and use them for his own compositions. Working closely with the traditional musicians allowed the team at Ember Lab to avoid pitfalls that other game developers have fallen into, such as when The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time inadvertently incorporated Islamic prayers into one of its songs. 

    Click here to watch embedded media

    “Jason had samples of beautiful music that was sacred music, and we were like, ‘Uh, we can’t use that piece,’ so then Dewa would make a piece that had the same feeling to it but it wasn’t the sacred piece that would be really inappropriate for a video game,” Saraswati says. “It was really cool to see that kind of thing happen, where it’s actually something that’s very new that was composed last year, but it has that same sense of spiritual power and mystery.”

    “It’s a pretty common thing in Western music, where they go in and think, ‘Oh, this is a really cool sound from this culture,’ but to them it’s just a sound,” Gallaty adds. “I’ve learned so much from this collaboration. It’s really not just a sound at all. It’s instrumental to the spiritual nature of the Gamelan music. The way that Gamelan is treated, these instruments are treated like people. They’re respected like people; you do not step over an instrument. It’s like if you were having a play date with another parent and you stepped over their child. You wouldn’t do that. You would never step over a child. That’s the way the instruments are treated.”

    Gallaty says the experience of collaborating with Berata and the rest of the musicians was incredibly rewarding. Even though she wasn’t initially hot on the idea, Saraswati ended up being just as passionate and happy with the results. “So many things in the media or culture that we see today have so little to do with what our own family values are or what our cultural values are or what our parents have taught us,” she says. “It was exciting to see a project, and to be honest, we didn’t realize that it was going to be this big. Now my kids are super excited, and everyone in Çudamani is really excited.”

    “It was really a life-changing experience,” Grier says, reflecting on the collaboration. “I don’t want to just throw that around, but I think it was for me. It really opened my eyes to how other people around the world are doing stuff that’s similar to what we’re trying to do, in their own way.”

  • Game Informer News Feed: Riot Games Teams Up With Spin Master For New League Of Legends Action Figures, Toys, And More

    Publisher: Riot Games
    Developer: Riot Games
    Platform: iOS, Android

    Riot Games is teaming up with Spin Master Corp, a company that is a leading name in the children's entertainment industry, to offer some exciting new products for League of Legends fans. 

    From toys to role play items, even some detailed action figures – the new lineup will be debuting in the Fall of 2021. The newest collaboration will span over the next few years and will offer a variety of items for fans to collect to take their love for the popular PC MOBA even further. 

    With the Fall 2021 launch date for a global retail release, the new line of League of Legends merch will arrive just in time for next year's holiday season. 

    “Spin Master is excited to collaborate with Riot Games to bring innovation and meticulous attention to detail to the rich characters and unique worlds in League of Legends,” John Blaney, Spin Master’s Senior Vice President of Licensing, told us in a recent statement. “Our League of Legends line up will appeal to fans of all ages, delivering high-quality products on the cutting edge. We look forward to delivering enhanced collectability and unique play experiences for the massive global League of Legends fan base both on and offline.”

    “Spin Master is the perfect partner for the League of Legends franchise and together we have the opportunity to enhance our champions and their stories giving players the opportunity to go even deeper into the League of Legends universe,” added Christian Bayley, Director, Brand Management for consumer products at Riot Games.

    We don't have a look at what the actual merchandise will entail yet, though a full reveal is on the way.